Address Maintenance
Address details give an overview of the address, contacts sites and activities related to an address. Activities can be e.g. letters , offers, etc.
We distinguish between various address types like e.g. customers or suppliers. To each address can have contact persons.

Contact Management
CATTOR supports mail merge with MS Office. Letters can be created directly from templates stored CATTOR. Generated letters can be sent by email and are stored as activity in the database.

Address data exported and reused in other applications.

Various reports can be executed on addresses and contacts.

Change Tracking
Changes on addresses are logged and can be exported to the main system either automatically or after a manual check.

In CATTOR activities can be added on all areas. With activities it's possible to track any activity and document. Reports can be configured that the result is stored automatically as an activity. This allows e.g. tracking of offers directly from CATTOR.

Attachments on Activities
For each activity an attachment can be added.

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